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PUB LIST PUBLIC HOUSES Paul Skelton and Jan Pedersen

Earliest 1734

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Royal George

Open 2017+

18a Beach Street

Bridge Street Pigot's Directory 1828-29 Stade Pigot's Directory 1832-34

16 Beach Street Post Office Directory 1874


Royal George

Above photograph circa 1960, kindly supplied by Terry Wheeler of the Ramsgate Historical Society.

Royal George 1978

Above photograph kindly supplied by Jan Pedersen, 1978.

Royal George, Folkestone 2009 Royal George, Folkestone 2009 Royal George, Folkestone 2009

Above photos by Paul Skelton, 27 June 2009.

Royal George 2012

Above photo kindly sent by Phil Nicholson, 29 November, 2012.


From South Eastern Gazette 11 November 1834.


The Matters of the Petitions and Schedules of the Prisoners hereinafter named, (the same having filed in the Court) are appointed to be heard as follows:-

At the Court-House at Maidstone, in the County of Kent, on the third day of December, 1834, at nine o'clock in the morning precisely.

William Hopper, formerly (Manager) of the "Royal George" public house, Folkestone, Kent, Publican, and part of the time a Dealer in Fish, since of Alkham, Kent, out of Business, and late of Hougham, near Folkestone, Kent, Labourer.


South Eastern Gazette 12 August 1845.

The "Royal George Hotel" is at last completed and was opened for business on Thursday last. It is handsomely appointed, and is precisely the description of house required, being close to the place of embarkation for the continent, and conveyances continually passing to and from the railway station. Travellers will now have no occasion to hunt half over the town for accommodation, which has frequently been the case of late, the "Pavilion" and the other inns not being found sufficient to accommodate all corners.


From South Eastern Gazette 31 July 1849.


An action against the company by the Landlord of the "Royal George Hotel," Folkestone, for a nuisance in establishing a manufactory for steam boilers within 60ft. of the hotel.

Mr. Sergeant Channell stated the case for the plaintiff. Charles Heginbotham, son of the plaintiff, conducted the business of his father at the "Royal George Hotel," Folkestone. The rent he believes is £300 a year. Knows the workshop belonging to the South-Eastern Steam-Packet Company. It is a wooden shed about sixty feet from the hotel. It is used for manufacturing and repairing boilers for the steamboats, which occasions a very loud noise and almost incessant hammering, in riveting the boilers, so loud that it is hardly possible to hear one another speak from six o'clock in the morning till six in the evening. Their customers have frequently complained that they could not sleep or rest in consequence of it. The noise renders the premises uncomfortable and in a sensible degree inconvenient.

Gotliff Graf, waiter at the hotel, gave similar evidence.

His Lordship - Do you think it would do any good to persons coming there for the benefit of their health.

Witness - No.

His Lordship - Except to get them up in the morning [a laugh]

Witness - They cannot hear one another speak.

His Lordship - Well, that would only compel them to go out into the fields to converse.

Mr. Drury, who lived next door to the hotel, gave similar evidence, and stated that he considered the value of the hotel greatly diminished in consequence of the noise.

There being no defence, a verdict was given for plaintiff.

Damages £15 - being at the rate of £3 a week.


From the Folkestone Chronicle 24 May 1856. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.

Wednesday May 21st :- Before James Tolputt esq., Mayor, W. Major esq., and J. Kelcey esq.

Ellen Ovendon appeared on summons charged with committing an assault on Ann Davis.

It appeared that on Saturday night last, the 17th inst., about 11 o'clock, the complainant, in company with another woman, went into the "Royal George" spirit stores. At the bar stood the defendant, and immediately upon the complainant's entrance, (to use her own words), she “flew at me, boxed my ears, and tore my bonnet”. The barman however interposed to prevent further hostilities.

The barman proved that the bonnet was torn by the defendant, but that no blows were struck, as he prevented it. Bad language was bandied from one to the other; and in his opinion there was hardly any choice as to which was the worst.

The defendant admitted the charge, but pleaded the provocation she had received by the complainant calling her names. Convicted in the penalty of 1s. fine and 13s. costs. The money was paid.


From the Folkestone Chronicle 29 August 1857. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.

Wednesday August 26th: - Before G. Kennicott and J. Tolputt esqs.

Henry Lovell was committed for seven days imprisonment for being drunk and very disorderly, and using obscene language, in the middle of the day, in the vicinity of the "Royal George Hotel", to the great annoyance of the inhabitants.


Folkestone Chronicle 10 October 1857. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.

Quarter Sessions

Thursday October 8th :- Before C. Harewood esq., Judge of the County Court, the Mayor, W. Major, J. Kelcey, G. Kennicott and W. Bateman esqs.

Matthew Marsh pleaded not guilty to a charge of stealing a purse containing £1 2s, the property of John Martin, on 31st July.

Mr. John Minter appeared for the prisoner.

The short facts of the case were that the prosecutor, a superannuated coast-guardsman, employed the prisoner, a coal carrier, to bring him some coke. The prisoner in going to the cellar, had occasion to pass a door on which hung the jacket of the prosecutor, with the purse in the pocket. The purse (empty) was later found among the coke.

Upon cross-examination by Mr. Minter, the prosecutor admitted that he had gone to the gas works to see if he could find the purse, and also to the "Royal George".

Mr. John Minter made a forcible appeal to the jury, and called a witness, who stated that the prosecutor said at the "Royal George" that he had left the purse on the corner of the counter.

The Judge then summed up, and the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty.


From the Folkestone Chronicle 12 November 1859. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.


Wednesday November 9th:- Before W. Browell and R.W. Boarer esqs.

Charles Read and George Gibbs, the former an inhabitant of Sandgate, and the latter of Dover, severally appeared on summonses, charged by police constable Swain, with leaving their carts and horses for upwards of three quarters of an hour standing in the public thoroughfare, opposite the "Royal George Hotel," without anyone to take care of them. This being an offence under one of the clauses of the Folkestone Improvement Act, 1855. The constable having been sworn proved that on Thursday, November 3rd, the defendants' carts and horses were standing for the time named in the summons, with no person to take care of them.

The defence in both cases was that they were waiting for herrings, and had no intention of breaking the law.

In the case of Read, the magistrates inflicted a nominal fine of 6d and costs 9s. which was paid at once.

As George Gibbs had taken off his horse's reins the magistrates considered this an aggravation of his offence, and sentenced him to pay a fine of 1s. with costs 11s., or in default of paying seven days hard labour; the prisoner was committed to Dover Gaol in default.


From the Folkestone Observer 2 February, 1861. Transcribed by Jan Pedersen.


Tuesday January 29th:- Before the Mayor, R.F. Browell, R.W. Boarer and J. Kelcey, Esqs.

Edward Loach, 28, and George Phillips, 21, were charged with being drunk in Queen Square on Monday night. P.C. Reynolds said that about 12 o'clock on the previous night he was on duty in Queen Square, when he saw the two prisoners and another man, who were drunk and making a disturbance outside the "Royal George Hotel." He ordered them away and they went to the corner of Kingsbridge Street and commenced again to make a disturbance – Loach and his brother apparently quarrelling. Being again ordered away, they came round once again to Queen Square, and recommenced their disturbance, knocking on the door of the "Royal George." Being again ordered away, they became insolent, and Loach was taken into custody; but fell on the pavement, and Phillips then struck witness, when he also was taken into custody. There was no other person present. Being cautioned with the remark that Mr. Caister was ill, Phillips replied, “---- old Caister, he would not give us any beer at Christmas”. Fined 5s eacg with costs 4s 6d., to be paid within a week.


George Phillips was then charged with resisting P.C. Reynolds in the execution of his duty. P.C. Reynolds deposed that when taking Loach into custody, Phillips struck him (witness) on the mouth, making his gums bleed, and causing his lips to swell. He then seized witness by the collar and tore his coat, and kicked and resisted violently. Calling on Mr. Kent and Mr. Iverson for assistance, witness secured him, handcuffed him, and brought him to the station. In reply to the Mayor, witness said prisoner resisted so much that he was obliged to handcuff him. No defence was offered. Prisoner was then committed to prison, with seven days' hard labour.

A third charge, of wilful damage to the policeman's coat, was not entered on, the prisoner agreeing to pay the cost of repair.


Note: Was Caister Manager at Royal George? Was not licensee according to More Bastions. Jan Pedersen.


From Western Daily Press 01 May 1875.


Hobson Wright le Butt, of the "Royal George Hotel," Folkestone, Kent, hotel keeper.


From the By Vicky Castle, 19 August, 2017.

A man died following a reported fight at the Harbour, Folkestone.

A man has died after a reported fight in Folkestone in the early hours of this morning (August 18).

Police are investigating after the man was found with serious injuries near the Harbour wall, outside the "George" pub around 2.25am.

Royal George murder 2017

Witnesses said ambulance crews battled to save the man but he was sadly pronounced dead at the scene.

Police are making enquiries.

Unconfirmed reports say he had been beaten to death following a fight.

A Kent Police spokesman said: "An investigation has been launched by officers from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate following the death of a man in Folkestone.

"We were called at 2.24am on Saturday 19 August 2017 to a report that a man had been found with serious injuries near the harbour wall.

"Ambulance staff attended but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

'It's just terrible' people react with shock after a man was 'murdered' at Folkestone Harbour.

The area is still cordoned off.

The man has not yet been identified and enquiries into the circumstances behind his death are ongoing."

Around 5.30am a 56-year-old man from Folkestone was arrested in connection with the incident.

He remains in custody.

Business owners whose stalls are within the cordon have been left wondering when they will be able to get back in.

At 9am there was still one police car at the scene and three officers appearing to make enquiries.

The investigation is being handled by detectives from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate.

Witnesses or anyone with information is urged to call 101 quoting reference 19-0176.

10:30 What we know so far.

A man was found with serious injuries near the Harbour wall, outside the "George" pub around 2.25am.

10:32 Latest from the scene.

Kent Live content editor Vicky Castle says the scene remains cordoned off.

10:38 Full Kent Police statement.

A Kent Police spokesman said: "An investigation has been launched by officers from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate following the death of a man in Folkestone.

"We were called at 2.24am on Saturday 19 August 2017 to a report that a man had been found with serious injuries near the harbour wall.

"Ambulance staff attended but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The man has not yet been identified and enquiries into the circumstances behind his death are ongoing."

10:46 Forensic officers have now arrived at the scene.

11:19 Police investigation.

Reports suggest it is now being treated as murder. Police have not confirmed this with us but we have chased them for confirmation.

11:20 Cordoned off for 'several hours'.

A police officer at the scene told our reporter that the cordon was likely to remain in place for several hours.

Stall and pub owners nearby said they haven't been told much and have been waiting around in the area to see when they can get back to their businesses.

13:15 Man was in his fifties.

Police have confirmed that the man who died at Folkestone Harbour last night was in his fifties.

13:36 Videos show forensic detectives investigating scene

15:17 Second man arrested.

A second man, aged in his thirties, has now also been arrested in connection with the murder.

Both he, and the 56-year-old Folkestone man arrested earlier are in custody.

15:21 Next of kin informed.

Police have also confirmed the victim's next of kin has been informed.

A spokesman for the force said: "The victim’s next of kin have been informed and enquiries into the circumstances around the incident are ongoing."

Witnesses or anyone with information is urged to call 101 quoting reference 19-0176.

Royal George murder 2017

16:41 Everything we know so far.

This morning (August 19) people in Folkestone woke up to the tragic news a man in his fifties had died.

Police later confirmed his death was being treated as murder.

Here is everything we know about last night's incident so far.

16:49 The cordon has been lifted.

Police are no longer at the scene of last night's incident.

The cordon near the "George" pub has been lifted by officers as their enquiries continue.

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder and the identity of the victim - who is aged in his fifties - has not yet been made public.

From the Dover Mercury, 23 August 2017 By Matt Leclere and Sean Axtell

Woman, 27, among group held over harbour death.

Royal George 2017

Female suspect released after man dies close to fountain.

Six people arrested after the suspected murder of a grandfather at Folkestone Harbour have been released.

A seventh person was released on bail in connection with the death of Steve Holton, who was from the town, early on Saturday morning.

Officers made three more arrests on Sunday after making four initial arrests earlier in the weekend. One of them was a woman from Dover.

Mr Holton, 54, was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics who tried to revive him after being called to the area next to the harbour fountain.

He was a father to four sons and floral tributes left where he died described him as “the true Delboy”.

A tribute from his sons said: “Never thought the day would come to say goodbye.

“Never be the same without the true Delboy. Love, your sons.”

Flowers and cards appeared next to Chummy’s fish bar with one describing Mr Holton as a “darling husband” and said: “Wait for me”.

Police say Mr Holton was found with serious injuries near the harbour wall outside the Royal George pub.

Forensic teams and police officers set up a cordon around the pub garden, fish stalls and around the fountain throughout the day on Saturday.

Mr Holton was found suffering from a cardiac arrest by paramedics when they arrived at the scene shortly after 2.10am on Saturday.

But despite their efforts to revive him, Mr Holton was pronounced dead at the scene.

Detectives are continuing to appeal for witnesses following the incident but have not released further details about the circumstances.

It was reported there had been a fight in the area in the early hours of Saturday and that no weapons were used but this has not been confirmed.

A post-mortem has taken place and a report is being prepared for the coroner, a police spokesman said.

The coroner’s office was unable to provide details of the post-mortem results.

Police say they have released two people without charge, four pending further inquiries, while a seventh person was released on bail.

Three people were taken into custody for questioning on Sunday and a 28-year-old man was bailed until September 19.

The suspect was taken into custody along with a 24-year-old woman and a 25-year-old man but they have since been released without charge.

The remaining four suspects - a 27-year-old woman from Dover and three men aged 26,37 and 56 from Folkestone - were all released pending further inquiries after their arrests on Saturday and earlier on Sunday.

A spokesman for the ambulance service said: “We got the call at about 2.10am to the Royal George in Beach Street, where it was confirmed a man was in cardiac arrest.

“Efforts to revive the person were unsuccessful and the patient was pronounced dead at the scene.”

Anyone with information is urged to call police on 101 quoting reference ZY/39012/17 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.


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TWEED William (brother of above) Apr/1858-62 (age 42 in 1861Census) Folkestone Chronicle

STRATTON Robert N 1871+ (age 40 in 1871Census)

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