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Earliest 1858

Deal Lugger

Latest 1903+

183 Beach Street

201 Beach Street Kelly's 1899


Deal Lugger

Above photo shows the former "Deal Lugger" of Beach Street, photograph kindly sent to me by R. F. Goodship and taken in November 2008.


Mentioned as early as 1858. The pub is obviously named after the Deal boats of the same name. The Luggers were designed and made suitable for use off the steep shingle banks and were the for-runners of the lifeboats. Fitted for speed, strength and seaworthiness, salvage, rescue and supply duties, and also smuggling, their design was developed from experience and they were built in the town by a skilled core of craftsmen. The Luggers, weighed up to 30 tons, followed by smaller Cat-boats and gradually decreasing in size down through Galley Punts and Galleys to the smallest, the lowly paddle punts and skiffs.


Deal Lugger, Early Morn

Above is shown the Deal Lugger, "Early Morn" and crew who rescued Twenty-Four of the Sailors and Passengers of the S.S. Strathclyde when run down by the S.S. Franconia, off Dover. February 17th, 1876.


Kentish Gazette, Tuesday, 3 June, 1862.

Deal Petty Sessions.

Thursday. (Before Thomas Parker, Esq., Major. S. Pritchard, J. Iggulden, E. Brown, and William Nethersole, Esqs.)

William Dunbar, keeper of the "Deal Lugger" beer house, at the North end of Deal, was charged on the information of Lieutenant Long, R. M., with keeping his house open for the sale of beer from 11 to 1 o'clock on Sunday, 25th of May.

Dunbar pleaded guilty to the charge but said he considered himself hardly dealt with, as others in the neighbourhood did the same thing, and he found it difficult to eject his customers.

The Magistrates informed Dunbar that they were of necessity compelled to inflict a fine for a breach of the law whenever such charges were brought before them. As it was the first appearance of defendant before the court, the fine, in this instance would be mitigated to 5s., and 10s., costs, with 7 days to pay.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 11 September, 1869. 1d.


Mr. G. E. Norris, of the "Deal Lugger," again applied for a spirit license, and urged the Bench to grant his application upon the ground that he frequently had to get up in the middle of the night to serve men who had just come on shore, which rendered it very necessary that he should have some spirits in the house.

The Magistrates consulted upon the matter for some time, after which the Mayor said they had considered the application, and were very reluctant to disappoint the applicant. There was very great competition in the neighbourhood, and the Magistrates were very reluctant to increase the competition by adding to the number of the houses. They were very sorry, however, for they all knew Mr. Norris to be a respectable, hard-working, and industrious man.

Mr. Norris then applied for the renewal of his beer license, which was immediately granted.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 13th Jan. 1870.

GEORGE EDWARD NORRIS, Landlord of the Deal Lugger, was charged with having his house open for sale of beer during the prohibited hours on Sunday last. The case was dismissed, but NORRIS was cautioned to be careful in future.


From the Whitstable Times, 8 October, 1870.

William Norris, landlord of the “Deal Lugger” was charged with keeping his house open during divine service, on Sunday, the 18th. The case was adjourned from last Thursday. Police Constable Cox proved the case. The defendant informed the Bench, that the persons at the bar were boatmen, who had been at sea during the whole night; having earned l. they asked for change, which his wife gave them, and during the time, Cox came in. The Bench fined the defendant 3s.


From the Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich Mercury, 25 February, 1871. 1d.


Mrs. Norris, landlady of the "Deal Lugger," beer-shop, Beach Street, was summoned, on the information of Supt. Parker, for having her house open at half-past one on the morning of Tuesday last. The offence was admitted in this case, the defendant alleging in mitigation that she went into hysterics about half-past ten on the evening in question, and remained so till about half-past one, when she went to the front door and called in P.C. Seeth to clear her house. There was no one present to take charge of the business during the time she was ill, for although her daughter-in-law who lives near had run to her assistance she knew nothing of the business. She was subject to hysterics, and on the evening in question she had had a great many persons in and had been rather upset, and it was still but a very short time since she had lost her poor husband. P.C. Seeth said he was called by Mrs. Norris to clear her house, as described, and she certainly appeared to be very ill at the time - and was hardly able to keep herself up. There were five persons standing at the bar, but there was no drink before them.

Supt. Parker said they were the same parties that P.C. Cox had turned out of the "Star" where they were trying to get up a row a short time before. The office of the coastguard-station had complained of the "Deal Lugger" the same evening.

After a long deliberation the Magistrates dismissed the case on the ground that the illness of the defendant incapacitated her from controlling her business, but informed her that they should expect her, in future, to provide such assistance as would secure the house being well conducted.


Dover Express 16 February 1906.


At the Deal Licensing Sessions on Thursday last week, the Mayor announced that, owing to the superfluity of licensed houses in Deal, the following licences would be recommended to the Quarter Sessions for extinction: The "Hope Inn," the "Maxton Arms," the "Deal Lugger," the "Deal Cutter," and the "Sun" and "Globe."


From the Canterbury Journal and Farmers' Gazette, Saturday 6 October, 1906.

On Tuesday the Committee settled the compensation to be paid to the owners and tenants of some of the houses, the licenses of which had been taken away. The following figures were agreed upon:-

"Deal Lugger," Deal 548.

To the owners (Messrs. Beer and Co., Canterbury) 495.

To the Tenant. (George Ralph Erridge). 53.



Aren't the Council sticklers for red tape! Just found a planning application for what is described as "Deal Lugger 201 Beach Street" dated Monday 15 August 2011. The Council have insisted that a retrospective application should be asked for the removal of render and black bitumen paint to the side elevation. It's not only funny that the pub closed over 100 years ago and no longer goes under this name, but also that on Thursday 3 July 2003 there was a proposal for the painting of the external wall in Cornish cream coloured textured masonry paint. I'm going to assume this was regarding the same wall. November 2011 the application was finally granted. Not sure what would have happened had it been refused. Would they have to have put it back on again?



JARVIS Elizabeth 1858+ Melville's 1858

DURBAN/DUNBAR William Covell 1861-62+ (ale house keeper age 27 in 1861Census)

FINNIS Miss M 1862+ Kelly's 1862

Last pub licensee had NORRIS Mr George Edward 1869-70 dec'd Deal Mercury

NORRIS Harriett Mrs 1871+ (age 41 in 1871Census)

SMITH R D 1872+ Deal Licensing Register beerhouse

PARKER Thomas 1874+ Kelly's 1874

NORRIS Grove Ralph 1878-82+ Post Office Directory 1882

BROWN Richard Petty 1891+ (age 65 in 1891Census) Post Office Directory 1891

ALLEN Amos 1899+ Kelly's 1899

ERRIDGE George Ralph to Dec/1906 Next pub licensee had The Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer by Glover and Rogers

1903 beerhouse George Beer & Co brewers (DLR)


Melville's 1858From Melville's Directory 1858

Kelly's 1862From the Kelly's Directory 1862

Kelly's 1874From the Kelly's Directory 1874

Post Office Directory 1882From the Post Office Directory 1882

Post Office Directory 1891From the Post Office Directory 1891

Kelly's 1899From the Kelly's Directory 1899

Deal Licensing RegisterDeal Licensing Register

The Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer by Glover and RogersThe Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer by Glover and Rogers

Deal MercuryFrom the Deal Walmer & Sandwich Mercury



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