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Beer Sellers



William Cobbett wrote in 1823:- "Deal is a most villanous place. It is full of filthy looking people. Great desolation of abomination has been going on here; tremendous barracks, partly pulled down and partly tumbling down, and partly occupied by soldiers. Every thing seems upon the perish. I was glad to hurry along through it, and leave it's inns and public houses to be occupied by the tarred, and town served, and blue-and-buff crew whose very vicinage I always detest.


As late as 1847, the town still boasted three breweries


Pigot's Directory 1828-29 Pigot's Directory 1828-29

HANCOCK Ralph, Middle Street, Brewers.

HIGHT, Beach Street, North End, Brewers.

IGGULDON, Beach Street, Lower Street, Brewers.


Pigot's Directory 1839 Pigot's Directory 1839

MARSH John, (spirits), Beach Street, Wine Merchant.

WINTER & RICKORDS, Lower Street, Wine Merchant.


CENSUS 1841 Census

ALANS Charles, Northgate, age 55.

CORVIN/COWIN/LAVIN Henry, Middle Street, age 40, Inn Keeper.

SPICE/SPICER Lucy, Lower Street, age 55, Inn Keeper.

WEST Henry, age 50, Victualler.


Bagshaw Directory 1847 Bagshaw's Directory 1847

HILLS Charles Thomas, 160 Lower Street, Wine Merchant.


Bedwell Alice, Middle Deal ("New Plough")

Brown Matthew, West Street

CastIe John, Queen Street ("White Horse")

Darby Henry, Fish market ("Providence")

Elliot Mary, Sandy lane

Epsly Thomas J, Beach Street

Finnis Phillip J, Beach Street ("Deal Cutter")

Finnis William H, 39 Middle Street ("Five Bells")

Hammond Richard, 1 AIfred Square ("Saracens Head")

Hayman John, 16 Duke Street ("Deal Hoy")

Holmans Mary, Beach Street

Hill John, Queen Street

Jorden Richard, 14 Beech Street

Macey John, 69 West Street ("Bricklayer's Arms")

Mockett Stephen, 1 Robert Street ("Bell")

Norris Henry E, 11 Silver Street ("Hovelling Boat")

Redman Richard, 80 Beach Street

Redman William, Queen Street ("Beehive House")

Reynolds John, 11 Water Street ("Duke of Wellington")

Ricketts John, Sandy Lane ("Crown")

Robinson Edward,176 Middle Street

Robinson Richard, 10 Beach Street

Snoswell James, 155 Beach Street ("General Wolfe")

Thompson Stephen, 19 Farrier Street

Tuck James, 195 Middle Street ("Crispin")

Turner George, 144 Middle Street ("Tally Ho")

Verriers Richard, Upper Deal ("Bowling Green")

Verriers William, Upper Deal ("Magnet Inn")

Weston John, Charles, 6 New Street ("Friendly Port")

Wood Henry T, 86 Middle Street ("Prince of Wales")


CENSUS 1871 Census

REDMAN James E, 120 Beach Street, Licensed Victualler age 54.


Kelly's Directory 1899 Kelly's 1899

BIRD Alexander Frederick Samuel & Son, wine and spirit merchants, King Street

CHAPMAN Charles, beer retailer, 28 Middle Street

CLIFTON Brothers, grocer & cheesemongers & agents for W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine and spirit merchants, 5 & 7 High Street

FARMER Brothers, butchers 126, and grocer & agents to W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine and spirit merchants, 128 & 130, High Street

FIRKINS Mrs Mary, beer retailer, 19 Farrier Street

HARRIS John Henry, beer retailer, 6 New Street

HILLS & Son, pale ale & porter brewers & bottlers & maltsters, 81 High Street; & at Great Mongeham

JORDAN Francis Edward, beer retailer, Short Street

JORDAN Mrs Georgina Emily, beer retailer, Ranelagh Road

MARSH Mrs Mary, beer retailer, 5 George Street

METHOLD Edward, grocer & Italian warehouse & wine & spirit merchant, 25 High Street

NETHERSOLE & Son Lim, wine & spirit merchants & importers & ale & porter merchants, 114 High Street

REDSULL Mrs Elizabeth A, beer retailer, 33 College Road

SHELVEY Daniel, beer retailer, 11 Blenheim Road

SKINNER John Thomas, beer retailer, 14 Golf Road


Kent directory 1922

ADAMS Francis S, Golf Road, beer retailer

CONWAY G F Beale, 19 Farrier Street, beer retailer

REDSULL William A, 33 College Road, beer retailer

UPTON Samuel, 11 Water Street, beer retailer


 Kelly's Directory 1934 Kelly's 1934

BIRD & Son, wine & spirit merchants, 15 King Street T N 134

RICHARD Ralph, beer retailer, 11 Water Street

REDSELL William A, beer retailer, 33 College Road


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