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Earliest 1838-

Oddfellows Arms

Latest 1971

61 (8) St. Peter's Place


Oddfellows Arms 1909

Above photo, showing the floods on 20th October 1909.

Oddfellows Arms 1909

Above photo 20 October 1909, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Oddfellows Arms 1941

Above photo 1941, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

Oddfellows Arms 1965

Above photograph by Edward Wilmot in 1965.

Oddfellows Arms 1969

November 1969, Showing the "Oddfellows Arms" on the left.

Oddfellopws Arms sign date unknown

Above sign, date unknown taken from the Historic Canterbury web site.

Former Odfellows Arms 2009 Former Odfellows Arms 2009

Above pictures taken from Google, July 2009.

Oddfellows Arms

Above photo, date unknown by Darkstar.


Found as early as 1838 and mentioned as being at 8 St. Peter's Place in 1864. Rigden's purchased the building in 1844 for 650.

A Police Report of 1851 prosecuted the landlady, Elizabeth Forbes for serving after hours.

The pub closed in 1971 and is now a private house but as of 1988 a front window still advertised Rigden's Fine Ale.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 3 March 1900. Price 1d.


An inquest was held by the City Coroner (Dr. T. S. Johnson), at the “Oddfellows' Arm,” St. Peter's Place, Canterbury, on Tuesday evening, touching the death of John Honker, aged 56, a bacon curer in the employ of Messrs. Cox and Scott, provision merchants, who came by his death under particularly sad circumstances on the previous Saturday - the result of burns sustained on Wednesday through accidentally failing into a fire while at work.

Mr. T. Underhill represented the firm of Messrs. Cox and Scott.

Sarah Hooker stated that she was the wife of deceased end lived at 38, St. Peter's Place. The deceased left home on the previous Wednesday in his usual health except that he was suffering from a slight cold. He came home to dinner and went back to work. At about six o'clock he was brought home in a van having been severely burned while at work. Mr. Prentice was sent for and prescribed for deceased. On Thursday be seemed a little better, but on Friday he became worse and died on Saturday at 5.15 p.m. Deceased only said he struck a match to light the fire. He had been employed by the firm for nearly thirty years.

Charles Strand, leading warehouseman at Messrs. Cox and Scott's, stated that he lived at 34. St. Peter's Place. He had been employed at the warehouse for over twenty-nine years. The deceased was seen at ten minutes to five on Wednesday afternoon rolling a barrel of dust to put on the fire where bacon was cared. A warehouseman named Pemble saw smoke coming from the room. Witness went down and saw the deceased about eighty feet away from the store. Fire was falling off the deceased's back. As witness could not put the flames out be pulled the clothes off deceased as quickly as he could. He then sat the deceased down and sent home for some clothes. Eventually witness sent the deceased home in one of the firm's vans in charge of two men. On his arrival home witness carried him indoors and advised a doctor being sent for immediately. The deceased was accustomed to the work and quite capable of doing it.

Edward P. Pemble, a warehouseman corroborated.

Mr. Z. Prentice stated that he was sent for to attend the deceased on Wednesday. He was suffering from severe burns. The cause of death was burns and shock.

The Coroner summed up and the jury returned a verdict of “Accidental Death.”

Mr. Underhill mentioned that the firm had always had the greatest confidence in the deceased.



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