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Earliest 1852-

(Name from?)

Pine Apple Inn

Latest 1913+

44 St. George's Place


St George's Place 2009

Above picture from Google, March 2009.


The pub so far has been traced to 1862 being in the Goden family to as late as 1903 for definite. A T Oldfield took the reigns in 1913 but no listing can be found in 1917, so I guess the pub closed sometime between those years.

It is suggested that it may previously have been called the "Alto Douro" which held its license till 1846.

The majority of St. George's Place having been renovated as can be seen from the picture above.

Between 1939 and 1969 this area was occupied by the Regal Cinema.


Kentish Gazette 4 May 1852.

On Thursday Edward Godden, keeper of the "Pine Apple" beer shop, in the New Road, appeared before the city magistrates and pleaded guilty to a charge of having company in his house at the unseasonable hour of one in the morning; for which he was fined 5s. and costs.


Kentish Gazette, 21 September 1852.

Thursday. Licensing.

This being the adjourned licensing day, those parties, whose licences had been suspended, again attended, and after receiving animadversion for their irregularity of conduct, had their licences granted, but with a decided caution that if again complaints were made against them they would not have their licences in future.

These parties were:- John Stairs, of the "Eight Bells," King Street;

John Noble, "Kentish Arms;"

George Kilner, "City of London;"

John Jordan, "White Heart;"

John Gillis, "Bricklayers' Arms;"

Elizabeth Forbes, "Oddfellows Arms;"

John Murphy, "Carpenter's Arms;"

Richard Wellard, "George and Dragon," Westgate;

Joseph Pentecost, "Royal George;"

and George Crow, "Rose and Crown."

Applications for New Licences.

Thomas Rodgers, of the "Sir Robert Peel" beer shop;

David Tuthwell, "True Britain;"

and Edward Gordon, "Pine Apple,"

applied for spirit licences, but which were refused.


Southeastern Gazette, 25 January 1853.

At the Mayor’s court on Thursday, Edward Goulden, the keeper of the "Pine Apple" beer-shop, was charged with having kept his house open till half-past eleven o'clock, on Saturday evening, the 16th inst.

Convicted in the penalty of 40s., costs 15s.


From Kentish Gazette 25 January 1853.



Edward Godden, landlord of the "Pine Apple" beershop, St. George's, was summoned to answer an information of having company in his house drinking at past eleven o'clock on Saturday night. He did not deny that such was the fact, but pleaded in extenuation that the company consisted of parties, strangers to him, who had been waiting for friends coming from the Circus. This being his second offence he had rendered himself liable to a heavy penalty, but the bench fined him only 5, which, under all the circumstances, they mitigated to 40s. with 15s. costs. Defendant declared himself unable to pay at this period of the year when not much was doing and he had eight children to maintain.


From the Whitstable Times, 15 November, 1902.


The licence of the “Pine Apple,” in St. George’s Place, was transferred from Mr. C. E. Godden to Mr. Thomas Smith.




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