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Earliest 1836-

Carpenter's Arms

Open 2019+

49 (102) Black Griffin Lane


01227 456271

Carpenter's Arms 1935

Above postcard, circa 1935, kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.

I believe this image is taken from a series of photographs, commissioned by Whitbread in the early-1930s, which showcased their newly-acquired East Kent tied estate. The pub had been an Ash's Dane John Brewery house (as can be seen in the etched windows) then, following the 1923 takeover, a Jude, Hanbury house. Whitbread secretly funded and used Jude Hanbury to buy Mackeson's Hythe Brewery from Simond's of Reading. Then, more or less as soon as the ink had dried, re-branded all their East Kent pubs as Mackeson houses. This pubs Ash's Ales & Stout windows were blown out during a WW2 air raid.

Carpenter's Arms

Above photo showing the Carpenter's Arms in 2008.

Carpenter's Arms 1965

Above photograph taken by Edward Wilmot in 1965.

Carpenter's Arms card

Above card from the Whitbread Inn Signs 1951.

Whitbread sign.

Carpenter's Arms card 1955Carpenter's Arms card 1955

Above card issued March 1955. Sign series 5 number 11.

Carpenter's Arms beermat 1968

Above beermat circa 1968 advertising their Final Selection at 9.25%. Kindly sent by Rory Kehoe.


This premises was built around the 1900s but there was a "Carpenter's Arms" here listed back as far as 1838.

A police report of 1851 states that the premises was open out of hours and the licensee was John Murphy.

The Inns of Canterbury by Edward Wilmot's,1988, mentions a document, date circa 1945 that gives the description of clientele at the pub as being "Labouring, some East Kent busmen."


Originally in my help pages for unknown pubs, the following shows the paper chase to the identification.


Unknown pub 1966

Just received an email from Terrence Thomas, who would like to know the location of this pub. I'd like to know that and the name of it as well. He says the picture was taken in 1966 and is somewhere between Dover and London, but he believes it's in the Dover to Canterbury area. One clue is the derelict area to the left that could be a bomb clearance site.

I would say the pub was built at the turn of the 1900s as both the "Crown and Sceptre" and "Diamond" in Dover look similar.


From an Email received on 30 July, 2011.

Hello Paul,

What a fantastic site!! You really must get a life lol. I have spent the last 2 hours reliving my life in long forgotten pubs (mostly Sandwich).

I looked at the unknown building 9 and was hit with a huge bout of deja vu.

I have never been to this pub, or indeed down the road where it is but have driven past the top of the road hundreds of times and glanced down the road and always felt it was one of those places you must go to some time.

It is the "Carpenters Arms" in Black Griffin Lane in Canterbury - just round the corner from the Westgate towers.#

Keep up the good work!!

Clive Phelan, Folkestone.

Carperter's Arms Canterbury 2011 Carpenter's Arms, Canterbury 2011

Above pictures from Google Maps 2011.

Looks like a lot of changes in the area today from the top photo. The house on the right of the original picture has another built next to it now, the road has moved to the left and now continues through the house on the left of the pub on the top photo.


Kentish Gazette, 6 January 1852.


Three beer sellers, Walter Charles, St. Margaret's-street; ("Divan") Mrs, Forbes, of the "Odd Fellow's Arms," St. Peter's-place; and John Murphy, of the "Carpenters Arms," Black Griffin-lane, were summoned for infringement of the law, the first for having his house open beyond the prescribed hour at night, and the other two for having company in their house on the Sunday morning. The first mentioned was fined 1, and 10s. costs; and what added to the gravity of his offence was, though it appeared no part of the charge, that some of the magistrates, whose duty it is to preserve and see to the observance of the law, were breakers of it. Murphy was fined 10s. and costs, and Mrs. Forbes' case dismissed as not being complete, the company having only just entered her house, and not had time to obtain liquor; beside which, the plausible excuse was devised that they had merely come in to warm themselves.


Kentish Gazette, 21 September 1852.

Thursday. Licensing.

This being the adjourned licensing day, those parties, whose licences had been suspended, again attended, and after receiving animadversion for their irregularity of conduct, had their licences granted, but with a decided caution that if again complaints were made against them they would not have their licences in future.

These parties were:- John Stairs, of the "Eight Bells," King Street;

John Noble, "Kentish Arms;"

George Kilner, "City of London;"

John Jordan, "White Heart;"

John Gillis, "Bricklayers' Arms;"

Elizabeth Forbes, "Oddfellows Arms;"

John Murphy, "Carpenter's Arms;"

Richard Wellard, "George and Dragon," Westgate;

Joseph Pentecost, "Royal George;"

and George Crow, "Rose and Crown."

Applications for New Licences.

Thomas Rodgers, of the "Sir Robert Peel" beer shop;

David Tuthwell, "True Britain;"

and Edward Gordon, "Pine Apple,"

applied for spirit licences, but which were refused.


From the Whitstable Times and Herne Bay Herald. 12 January 1901. Price 1d.


Harry Post, landlord of the "Carpenter's Arms," Black Griffin Lane, was summoned for keeping his licensed premises open during prohibited hours.

Sergeant Swain stated that at five minutes after mid-night on the 23rd ult. he was with P.C. Jury in St. Peter's Street. He saw two soldiers try two public houses, and accordingly followed them into Black Griffin Lane. They knocked at defendants house, and were admitted at once. A few minutes later witness knocked at the door, and was admitted by the defendant. On being asked if anyone was there, he said some friends. Witness saw the two soldiers in a room. Defendant at first said they had been there all the evening, but afterwards said they had been out and come in again half an hour before. One of the soldiers said they had been to a party close by, and as they ran short of wine they had volunteered to go out and get some more. Witness had noticed that the soldiers had no caps or whips, and they looked as if they had come out of a house. They were sitting down at a table on which was a bottle of port.

Defendant said he had not served the soldiers. They knocked at the door and asked for a bottle of port, but he told them he had not got any, and they pushed their way in and said they would have something else, but he did not serve them. The bottle of port was sent to defendant as a Christmas present and it was standing on the table at which the soldiers sat down.

The Bench considered the case proved, and inflicted a fine of 40s., and 13s. costs. The licence was not endorsed.



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MURPHY Mrs Sarah 1962-74+ (age 64 in 1871Census) Post Office Directory 1862Post Office Directory 1874

PARKER James 1881-82 (also bricklayer and lodging house keeper age 33 in 1881Census) Post Office Directory 1882

JORDAN Matthew 1891+ Post Office Directory 1891

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SOUTH Daniel 1903+ Post Office Directory 1903Kelly's 1903

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