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Notes of 1845



From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 1 February, 1845. Price 5d.


John Newing was fined 60s. James Cullen, 20s. Thomas Taylor, 15s. Edward Stevens, 15s. George Pudney, 15s. Matthew Hammond, 15s. and William Brown, 15s. all including costs, for keeping open their public-houses, during Divine Service, on Sunday last. It was the second offence of the two first-named parties.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 1 March, 1845. Price 5d.


MONDAY - Jemima Steer, single-woman, was charged by Mary Smith with an assault. The parties, who described themselves as hawkers, locate at rival houses, the "Red Lion" and the "Royal George." Complainant stated that on the previous evening, when opposite the "Fountain," Miss Steer struck her, and pushed her off the pavement. Steer, in her defence, stated that she was first struck by Smith, who had "spited" her even since the fair, when both parties were jointly charged with robbing a countryman near the "Walmer Castle." Sergeant Laker stated that he was passing at the time, and saw Steer strike the complainant. Fined 10s. costs including, which not being forthcoming, she was confided to the care of Mr. Coulthard for 14 days.


From the Kentish Gazette, 9 September 1845.


At the annual licensing on Thursday, the city magistrates renewed one hundred and nineteen licences. The applicants for five others neglected to attend, and another, Miss Duncan, applied to change the name of her house from the "Globe" to the "Victoria" — which was postponed to the 18th inst., as also was an application of Mr. Delasaux's, on the part of Messrs. Flint, brewer, to withhold the license to Mr. J. Nutt, jun., for the "King's Head," in Northgate. Nine new applicants were granted us follows:— Thomas Attwood, "Old City of Canterbury," Oatenhill; Charles Denham, for the "Queen's Head," Northgate; Henry Clements, for the "Alto Douro," St. George’s-place; Eliz. Clinch. "Plasterers' Arms," Northgate; Joseph Harrison, "Royal George," Northgate; Joseph Hirst, "Dragoon," Military-road; Angel Hyde, "Military Tavern," King-street; George Lilley, "Waggoners' Arms," St. Dunstan; Henry James Page, "Windsor Castle," Bridge-street. Two others were adjourned until the 13th inst., Charles Aiano’s, of the "Good Intent." Artillery-street, who was opposed by Mr. Dunk, of the "Providence," and William Stone, "Royal Standard," New Ruttington-lane, who was unable to attend through illness.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday, 30 August, 1845. Price 5d.


Friday: Marsh, landlord of the “Temperance Hotel,” was charged by Mr. C. Corke, supervisor of excise, at Dover, with selling beer and spirits, contrary to the provisions of the Acts 4th, Geo. 4, cap. 81 and 405, Wm. 4th, cap. 85. The offence was proved by George Sly, an officer in Excise, at London, who stated that he went into the house and had a mutton chop, after which he asked for a pint of beer and, glass of gin and water, which were served him. Several respectable tradesmen were in attendance to testify to the good character of Marsh, who pleaded guilty to the charge. The Bench after a short consultation, convicted in the lowest penalty allowed by the Act, viz., 12 10s. for selling spirits, and 5 for the sale of beer, with costs.


From the Dover Telegraph and Cinque Ports General Advertiser, Saturday 6 September, 1845. Price 5d.


Yesterday being the day appointed by the Justices for granting public-house licenses, the whole of the old licenses were renewed, and new ones granted to the following persons:- Henry Peake, "Kent Hotel," Beach Street; Richard Chant Rapson, "Shakespeare," Hawkesbury Street; William Pilcher, "Neptune's Hall," Hawkesbury Street; Henry Pay, "Brussell's Inn," Beach Street; Jane Bale, "Exeter Arms," Limekiln Street; John Gilbee, Ringwould. The following applications were refused:- Edward Hart, Priory Street; Joseph Staples, Last Lane; John White, Worthington's Lane; Thomas Knott, Spring Place; William Pay; Buckland; James Horn, Peter Street, Charlton.