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Beer Houses



PIGOT'S Directory 1828.

ANDREWS Henry, Bridge Street, Spirit Merchants.

MACE James, Beck Street, Spirit Merchants.

TITE HAM & MALSTER, High Street, Brewer.


PIGOT'S Directory 1832.

TITE Ham, Brewers.


Pigot's directory 1839 lists the following wine and spirit merchants

ANDREWS Henry, South Street

MACE James, Stade



ANDREWS Henry, Kings Bridge Street

MACE James, Seagate Street


CENSUS 1841.

SMITH Ann, Fancy Street, age 25, Publican. Possibly "Hope."

AUSTIN Edward, Dover Road, age 45, Victualler

NORTON Harriet, Walton Forstall, age 43, Victualler.

LIFE Martha, Bail Street, age 65, Publican. (There had been Life's at "British Lion.")

WILLIAMS William, Kingsbridge Street, age 35, Publican.

WATERS Elizabeth, Back Street, age 35, Publican.


Bagshaw's directory of 1847 list the following as beer houses in the Folkestone area:-

COCK Thomas, Gun Cottages, "Gun Tavern."

FOORD Peter W, Mill Lane

HODGES Richard, Dover Road

HUGHES Thomas, South Street, "Jolly Sailor."

KEELER George, Saffron Row, "Oddfellows Inn."

POPE John J, Fancy Street, "Bricklayers Arms."


Maidstone Gazette 9 May 1848


Folkestone, Kent. To publicans and others in want of a snug business. To be let, with immediate possession, an excellent free house, of recent construction, with stable, lock-up coach houses, granary, lofts, and every convenience for carrying on a good business. The house is neatly furnished, and the fixtures nearly new; the cellarage good, the rooms lofty, and the yard and stables capacious. To an industrious couple this offers very peculiar advantages, as the town is fast improving, and its being the principal port of traffic with the continent, upwards of 50,000 persons passing to and from Boulogne yearly.

Coming-in moderate. To a person who can command about 400, this offers a rare opportunity for investment.

For further particulars apply to Mr. M. Major, Auctioneer, Appraiser, and General Agent, Folkestone.

Note: Unknown premises


Maidstone Gazette 25 July 1848

Advertisement: Folkestone, Kent. To innkeepers and the public generally, to be let, and entered upon immediately, an old-established and good-accustomed public house, near the harbour, in the town of Folkestone, containing eight airy and spacious sleeping rooms, good club and bagatelle rooms, convenient bar, kitchen and excellent nine pin alley. The house immediately faces the South Eastern and Continental Steam Packet Station, and has most commanding views of the Channel and French Coast. The external appearance is inviting, having recently been painted with much taste. The present occupier has a good connection, and the only motive for wishing to dispose of it is in consequence of the ill-health of his wife. The furniture and fixtures (which are very good), with the stock, will not exceed 300. Any person who can command the like sum will find this well worthy of attention.

Every information may be obtained of Mr. Major, Auctioneer, Appraiser, House and Estate Agent, Folkestone

Unknown premises



Messrs J. H. and J. Brooke, wine merchants, 25-7 Sandgate Road. Brooke's represents one of the oldest established wine merchants' businesses in Kent: this branch opened in July 1864. Around 1895 no.27 became Oclee & Son, watchmakers, and no.25 became J. Sainsbury, provision merchant, in 1909.


CENSUS 1851.

BARBER Henry, Bail Street, age 45, Licensed Victualler.

LARKINS W, Grace Hill, age 60, Licensed Victualler. (There had been a William Larkins at "Shakespeare" in 1849)

WOOD William, age 55, Licensed Victualler.


Maidstone Gazette 4 November 1851.

Petty Sessions, Friday; Before R. Hart Esq., Mayor, W. Major, and S. Mackie Esqs.

Ham Tite, brewer and maltster, appeared to answer an information charging him with refusing to pay his pavement rate. The summons was dismissed, the rate not having been legally demanded.


Dover Telegraph 8 November 1851.

Petty Sessions: Ham Tite, brewer and maltster, appeared to answer a summons for non-payment of the pavement rate. Case dismissed, the rate not having been legally demanded.


Dover Telegraph 27 December 1851.

An important decision was given last week in a case brought before the Magistrates. It was a summons against Mr. Ham Tite, for refusing to pay a paving rate. Mr. Tite is the owner of several houses which abut on the highway, repaired by the parish, the pathway before his houses being his private property. He refused on the ground that the Pavement Act did not empower the Magistrates to levy a rate for such property. The Magistrates decided that the rate must be paid, and ordered it accordingly.


Southeastern Gazette 14 September 1852.

Petty Sessions, Tuesday: Before J. Bateman, D. Major, W. Major, T. Golder, S. Mackie, and W. Bateman Esqs.

Thomas Foord, beer-shop keeper and brewer, in High Street, appeared to answer an information, charging him with having a certain private and concealed still, for making low wines and spirits, in a shed occupied by him.

Alfred Avery, officer of Inland Revenue, stationed at Folkestone, deposed that on the 28th of May last he went to the brewhouse, occupied by the defendant. He surveyed it, and found a cask. He asked defendant what it contained, and he said finings. He then examined it, and found it to contain molasses, about 150 lbs.

Henry Mutton, surveyor of this district, corroborated the evidence of the last witness.

The defendant said that he bought the still for old copper, and the molasses were at the brewhouse before he took it; that it was in the yard, but that the sun caused the cask to leak, and he then took it in the brewhouse.

Fined 50 on each of the first and third counts, and to be paid forthwith, distress warrants being immediately issued.

There was a Thomas Foord, licensee of the "George Inn" to May 1845, so he may have moved pon, but where to, as yet unknown.


Dover Chronicle 19 March 1853.

Petty Sessions, Wednesday: Before Samuel Mackie and Thomas Golder Esqs.

John Gilbert was fined 1s., and costs 9s. for keeping his beer-house open after 11 o'clock at night on Saturday last.

Unknown name and premises.


Southeastern Gazette 22 March 1853.

Petty Sessions, Wednesday: Before S. Mackie and T. Golder Esqs.

John Gilbert, beer-shop keeper, was fined 1s. and costs for keeping his house open after eleven o'clock on Saturday night.

Note: Unknown house and licensee.


Southeastern Gazette, 22 March 1853. (Folkestone)

Petty Sessions, Wednesday. (Before S. Mackie, Esq., and T. Golder, Esq.)

John Gilbert, beer-shop keeper, was fined 1s. and costs, for keeping his house open after eleven o’clock on Saturday night.




Kelly's directory of 1899 lists the following as beer houses:-

ARTHUR William, 21 Harvey Street, "Star and Garter."

ASHFORD BREWERIES LTD. stores, 43 The Bayle

BEATON William, 52 High Street, "Eagle Tavern."

BIRCH George Henry, 5 Guildhall Street, wine, spirit, ale, stout and bottled beer merchant.

Bottle from Birch

Above showing a half pint bottle from the above retailer.

BOULEAU Wine Co., 3 Cheriton Road

BROOKE J. H. & J. Wine merchants, 25 & 27 Sandgate Road

BROOKE J. H. & J. Bonded stores, 80 Tontine Street

CHAPMAN Thomas & Sons, now Ashford Breweries Ltd. (no address given)

COLLAR Sarah (Mrs), 38 Foord Road, beer retailer and grocer, "Foord Road Tavern."

DAVIS Henry Edward, 41 Tontine Street, grocer and agent for W. & A. GILBEY Ltd. wine and spirit merchant

FINN E & Sons Ltd, 27 Rendezvous Street

FISK James, 75 Sandgate Road, grocer and agent for W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine and spirit merchant

Foord Road - Folkestone and District Licensed Victuallers, Mineral Water & General Supply Co. Lim. (Thomas BREWSTER manager)

HAMMERTON D & Co. brewers, 24 Guildhall Street, (J. A. BATES, agent)

HERON Thomas George, 6 Sandgate Road, grocer and agent for W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine and spirit merchant

IDRIS & Co. Lim. mineral water manufacturer. 86 Tontine Street,

KROPP John, 24 Dover Street, beer retailer, "Welcome Inn."

LENEY A. & Co. Lim. 2 Cheriton Road,  brewers, stores (Late Gun Brewery).

LUKEY John & Sons, 3 Rendezvous Street & 58 Sandgate Road,  wine and spirit merchant

Mackeson & Co. ale brewers; Tontine Street,  branch, Imperial Brewery

MAPLE Thomas, Bellevue Street, beer retailer, "Honest Lawyer."

PACKER Charles, 2 St John's Road, beer retailer & shopkeeper, "Bradstone Tavern?"

PARKS Thomas, Bridge Street -  beer retailer, "Alexandra Tavern."

PLAYER Theodore, 15 Broadmead Road, beer retailer & grocer, "Agnes Inn."

PRIOR George, 13 Beach Street, beer retailer, "Wonder Tavern."

PURSEY George W, 56a Tontine Street, brewers' agent

PURSEY George Wm. 29 Canterbury Road, wine & spirit merchant

RALPH Frederick, 10 Tontine Street, beer retailer, "Duke of Edinburgh."

RANSOM Henry, 39 Bournemouth Road, grocer and agent for W. & A. Gilbey Limited, wine and spirit merchant, Post Office

RIDDALLS John, 18-20 Dover Street, beer retailer, "Perseverance."

SAMS James T, 6 & 52 Tontine Street, wine & spirit merchant

SETTERFIELD Mrs Alice, 42 North Street, beer retailer, "Lifeboat."

SHEPHERD NEAME & Co. 53-55 Sandgate Road, Faversham family pale ale brewers (Messrs. Underwood, Penfold & Co. agents).

SMITH Stephen, 57 Sydney Street, Canterbury Road, beer retailer, "Sportsman's Tavern."

SOUTER, MACKENZIE & Co. Foord Road & a Dover, mineral water manufacters

SPILLETT Harry W, 55 Radnor Street, beer retailer, "Star Inn."

STOCKER Henry (Harry), 71 Guildhall Street, beer retailer,"Prince of Wales."

SUMMERFIELD George, Canterbury Road, beer retailer, "Royal Standard."

THEOBALD Hope, 20 Bradstone Avenue, brewers' agent

SILVER SPRING MINERAL WATER Co. Lim. Foord Road,  (Frederick Hall, sec. Offices, Bank Chambers, Factory, Foord Road

UNDERWOOD PENFOLD & Co. Wine and brandy importers & merchants, shipping, custom and foreign agents, 53 & 55 Sandgate Road & 23 Bouverie Road West, & 33 Basinghall Street, London E C

WARMAN Adelaide Mrs, 7 Beach Street, beer retailer, "Prividence."

WEATHERHEAD Mrs Fanny, Seagate Street, beer retailer, "Cinque Ports Arms."

WOODGATE William, 1 Beach Street, beer retailer, "Wellington."


From the Kent directory 1922

ARTHUR Mrs Annie, 21 Harvey Street, beer retailer, "Star and Garter."

BEATON Mrs E, 42 North Street, beer retailer, "Lifeboat Inn"

LEE John Charles, 71 Guildhall Street, beer retailer, "Prince of Wales."

MARSH John, 66 Bridge Street, beer retailer, "Alexandra Tavern."

MASKELL William, 13 Beach Street, beer retailer, "Wonder Tavern."

MEADS George, Horn Street, Shorncliffe Camp, beer retailer

RUSSELL Mrs A, 9 Queen Street, beer retailer, "Mitre."

SALMON John, 1 Beach Street, beer retailer, "Wellington."

WOOD Jesse, 57 Sidney Street, beer retailer, "Sportsman Tavern."


From the Folkestone, Hythe, Sandgate & Cheriton Herald, 13 feb 1926

134, Sandgate Road from Charles William Turner to Cecil Henry Martin Brooke, on 11th March.


From Kelly's directory 1934

ARTHUR Annie mrs - beer retailer, 21 Harvey Street, "Star and Garter."

BROOKE J H & J Ltd. wine merchants, 134 Sandgate Road (T N 3123, 2 lines) & stores, 80 Tontine Street

COOK Thos. & Sons, mineral water manufacturers, 3 Dover Road T N 2535

Folkestone and District Licensed Victuallers' Mineral Water & General Supply Co. Ltd. (Percy Jas. Whitehead, sec.), 10 Foord Street T N 2362

HIBBERD Vernon, wine merchant, 3 Cheriton Road. T N 3258

KENT James Henry, wine and spirit merchant, 284 Cheriton Road, T N Cheriton 85347

LUKEY John & Sons Limited, wine and spirit merchants, 101 Sandgate Road T N 3169

LUPTON Edith Annie Mrs, beer retailer, 71 Guildhall Street, "Prince of Wales."

MARSH Rd. Horace, beer retailer, 66 Bridge Street, "Alexandra Tavern."

MASCALL William, beer retailer, 13 Beach Street, "Wonder Tavern."

PRENTIS George & Son Ltd. wine and spirit merchants, 5 & 24 Guildhall Street T N 2125

PERSEY George William, wine and spirit merchant, 39 Canterbury Road and stores, 5 Myrtle Road

RHODES Norman James, beer retailer, 8 Bradstone Road, "Bradstone Tavern."

RUSSELL Annie Mrs, beer retailer, 9 Queen Street, "Mitre."

SAMS James T, wine and spirit merchant, 6 Tontine Street & 3 Dover Street

SILVER SPRING Mineral Water Co. Ltd. (Frederick Hall, sec.); offices, Bouverie Chambers. Bouverie Road East, factory, 140 Foord Road. T N 3090

SMITH John Thomas, beer retailer, 57 Sydney Street, "Sportsman's Tavern."

STYLE & WINCH Ltd. wine and spirit merchants, 27 Rendezvous Street. T N 4343

UNDERWOOD, PENFOLD & Co. wine and spirit merchants, 63 Sandgate Road & 28 Bouverie Road West, T N 4559

WARD Claud Parsons Albert, off licence, & grocer, 38 Foord Road, "Foord Road Tavern."


From the Folkestone Herald, 9 May 1931.

LVA conference 1931

Above photo showing the 59th conference of the Licensed Victuallers' Defence League of England and Wales was held at Folkestone this week. An exclusive photograph of the conference in session at the Leas Cliff Hall.

LVA trip to Boulogne 1931

Some of the party of delegates and their wives who went to Boulogne on Tuesday on a day's trip in connection with the conference of the Licensed  Victuallers' Defence League held at Folkestone.

Ladies Auxiliary Committee Folkestone 1931

The Committee of the Folkestone Ladies' Auxiliary League who took a large part in arranging for the entertainment of wives to the Licensed Victuallers' conference this week.

Mr P F. M. Booker 1931

Mr. Percy. F. M. Booker, chairman of the Folkestone and District Licensed Victuallers' Association.


Pigot's Directory 1839From the Pigot's Directory 1839

Bagshaw's Directory 1847From Bagshaw Directory 1847

Kelly's 1899From the Kelly's Directory 1899

Kelly's 1934From the Kelly's Directory 1934


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