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Notes of 1854



Kentish Gazette, 14 March 1854.

Accident. (Margate)

On Saturday morning last, an accident occurred at the brewery of Messrs. Lenham, in Love-lane, which was caused by a great portion of the roof falling into a quantity of boiling liquor. Two men at work in the brewery, had a narrow escape of being scalded to death, one poor fellow got buried in the ruins, but we are happy to say he is not seriously injured.


Kentish Gazette, 23 May 1854.

Margate Petty Sessions. Saturday.

(Before W. T. Gilder, and T. Blackburn, Esqrs.)

Rebecca Purday, charged with being drunk and guilty of riotous behaviour in the High Street on the 19th inst., pleaded not guilty; but the case being clearly proved to the satisfaction of the Bench, they committed her for seven days to the House of Correction at Dover.

Ellen McDonald, charged with stealing 10 1/2d., the monies of Mr. John Cook, of the "Druid's Arms;" (town as yet unknown) this bring the first appearance of the prisoner, and a juvenile, the prosecutor did not wish to press the charge.

Discharged, with a reprimand and to leave the town immediately.


Kentish Gazette, 13 June 1854.


Friday. (Before Charles Harwood, Esq., Judge.)

Usher v. Dalby.

A tavern bill, to the extent of 10 10s. 3d.

Defendant was a short time since schoolmaster at Canterbury Union, and while there had the goods mostly in wine—a portion of the claim being for money lent. A like ease had been heard in the earlier part of the day, and judgment given. A promissory note had been given for the amount now claimed, but which the Judge observed was worth nothing.

Plaintiff set forth the ingratitude which had been practised towards him, as it was mainly by his instrumentality that defendant's general creditors had refrained from pleasing him.

A common order—defendant being stated at now tiring at Hythe with his father.


Kentish Gazette, 20 June 1854.


(Before E. Foss, Esq., chairman, Wm. Hyder, and T. H. Mackay, Esquires.)


Edward Terry was charged with assaulting Samuel Collyer, at the parish of St. Stephen's, on the 6th of June last.

The complainant deposed that between one and two o'clock in the morning of the day in question, he was close to the Bridge House, St. Stephen's, where there was a lot of men making a great noise. He went up to them, and told them to go home like men; he went up to them in his character of constable. He had previously been in the house. Some of the men began to hustle him after he said that, and also took hold of his jacket. The defendant pushed a man of the name of Terry against him. He told them to be quiet, when the defendant replied, "I will give you what you want," and then struck witness twice on the shoulder and arm. He then walked away from the party. On the following Wednesday defendant came to witness and wanted to make it up, but be refused to do so. Terry was not very drunk at the time.

Cross-examined by Mr. Delasaux, who appeared for the defence:- Was in the house about three hours; was not drunk; was in the taproom first of all, but at the request of the landlady, who wanted to clear that room, went up stairs. There was a company of them, of about 30, the defendant being among them. Did not drink with that party. Went to the house on purpose to prevent any disturbance, as it was fair night. They were singing, and I made myself pleasant with them by joining in the singing; did not attempt to sing the last song and break down because I was drunk. Did not drink more than a quart of beer while in the house. So late as half-past one, did not tell the landlady to draw more beer. After the assault, the defendant followed me, and challenged to fight me.

By the Bench:- I told the defendant at the time that I should take out a summons against him. I went to the house to present any mischief going on.

Mr. Delasaux briefly stated the substance of the answer he had to the charge, which was to the effect that complainant was drinking with the defendant and others in the house for upwards of 3 hours—that they were all drunk together—and that no assault was committed as alleged.

He called Edward Bean and Michael Langford, who supported his observations upon oath. The Chairman suggested the propriety of adjourning the ease for the production of the landlady, if the defendant wished it,—but the latter declined the offer, which led the Chairman to remark that the Bench had no doubt of the truth of the constable's statement, although there was nothing to justify him remaining in the house 3 hours.

Fined 5s., and 16s. coats. Allowed a week for payment.


Kentish Gazette, 27 June 1854.


A Small BREWING BUSINESS. An industrious person with a small capital would find this to answer his purpose; the present occupier has carried it on for 18 years, and is obliged to give it up on account of ill health.

For further particulars, apply to Mr. B. Sharp, Baker and Cooper, Eastry, near Sandwich. Letters to be pre-paid.


West Kent Guardian, Saturday 16 September 1854.

General Licensing Day.

The general licensing day for the hundred of Blackheath, and Little and Lessness, was held on Friday, May 8th at the Public Offices, Crooms-Hill, Greenwich, before Sir Thomas Maryon Wilson, Bart., chairman; Thomas Brandram, Thomas Lewin, Francis Bligh Hookey, John Sutton, Coles Child, and Edward Eagleton, Esquires.

Licences were renewed to the victuallers in the district, with a few exceptions for irregularity, such cases standing over to the adjourned day, viz., 28th September inst.

For Deptford 91 certificates for granted, Greenwich 83, Lewisham 37, Lee 6, Woolwich 78, Eltham 6, Charlton 9, Mottingham 1, Plumstead 15, Crayford 9, East Wickham 4, and Erith 12.

Application for new licences by beer shopkeepers and others person's.


Ben Harding, "White Horse," Church Street;

Charles Lee, "Ship," King William Street;

Christopher Payne, "Sugar Loaf," Billingsgate Street;

John Jenkins, "Maltsters," Bridge Street;

John Henry Taylor, "Gloster Coffee House," Silver Street;

John Leach, "Robin Hood and Little John," Blue-stile;

Robert White, "Good Intent," Green Lane;

Henry Walter, "Banshee," Lewisham Road;

Chilman Avery, "Royal Albert," Blackheath Road;

William Branch, "British Oak," near Sun Garden Cottages, Shooters Hill Road;

Thomas Haynes, "Radcliffe Arms," Marsh Lane.


Walter Edward Jackson, "Queens Arms," Douglas Street;

James Mizon, "Pilot," High Street;

William Parkes, 1, Prince Street, ("Griffin") Dockyard Gates;

Thomas Wilcox, "Star and Garter," New Cross Road;

Edward Kilsby Whelpdale, "Walpole Arms," Hamilton Terrace;

William Henry Freame, "Admiral Sir C. Napier," Amersham Vale;

Joseph ____, "Rosemary Branch," Counter Hill;

William Guddins, "Crystal Palace," Tanners Hill.


Thomas John Shaw, "Prince of Wales," Perry Vale;

Thomas Elkington, "Woodman," Sydenham Common;

George Fenner, "Hanover Arms," Upper Sydenham;

Nathaniel Wilmore, "Swiss Cottage," near Forest Hill;

Richard Bolton Jun., "Cottage of Content," Upper Sydenham;

Charles Sewell, "Longton Hotel," Longton Grove, Upper Sydenham.


Samuel Newnham, "Hotel," Granville Terrace;

Edward Henry Colfett, "Dacre Arms," Dacre Park.


Robert Dalzel, "Roupell Arms," Lower Woolwich Road;

James Hayward, "Manor Arms," Hardens Manor Way.


Thomas Hancock, "Cricketers," Sand Street;

Henry Reed, "Freemasons Arms," Albion Road;

James Figg, "Exhibition;"

James Barrow, "New Ordnance Arms," Upper Sand-Street;

Donald Fryer, "Railway Tavern," King Street;

Justinian Grocock, "Lord Whitworth," Charles Street;

James Burchfield, "Bank," High Street;

William Dunstan, "Elephant and Castle," Beresford Square;

Edmund Biddick, "Cornish Arms," Waterman's Fields;

William Henry Knight, "British Museum," Queen Street;

Robert Shorter, "Navy and Army Hotel," Francis Street;

John Brown, "Manor Arms," Jackson's Lane;

William Henry Hinds, "Albert," High Street, North Woolwich;

William Brittan, "Bricklayer's Arms," North Woolwich;

George Sheppard, "Crown and Sceptre," Burrage Road;

Elizabeth Wain, "North Kent Tavern," Sprays Buildings.


Edward Day, "Royal Oak," Plumstead Common;

John Amon, "Woodman," Plumstead Common;

Thomas Dingley, "Abbey Arms," Harrow Manor-way;

William Morgan, "Rose," Rose Street;

Robert Anderson, "Melbourne Arms," Melbourne Place;

Robert Greenbank, "Park Brewery Tap," Cage Lane;

James Farnsworth, "Freemason's Arms," Frederick Street;

Sam Griffiths, "Sir Robert Peel," Crescent Road;

George Willes, "Burrage Arms," Perry Street.


James Todman, "Bee Hive," Pope Street.


John Warner, "Ship," Church Street;

Henry Read, "Fox," Lessness Heath.

The Chairman and Bench Expressed much satisfaction at the general good conduct of the licensed houses in this district during the past year, the bench postpones the consideration of the cases until the adjourned until the 28th instant.